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Wetmore Post Office

Wetmore Community Church, July 2010

The Wetmore Community Church began as the dream of neighborhood women in 1913. At the time, the community did not have a formal meeting place, and the women were concerned that area children were not receiving any religious instruction other than what they were being taught at home. Services and Sunday School had been held at the W.O.W. (Woodman of the World) Hall in Wetmore or at the Wetmore School. Neither location was ideal. Often times the W.O.W. Hall was not in any shape for Sunday School after the previous Saturday night celebrations. The Wetmore School was located at the top of a very steep hill and was difficult for the elderly to access, especially in inclement weather.

Weekly prayer meetings were being held in community homes. At one such meeting in early fall of 1913, the ladies decided that they should build their own church. Soon after that, the Wetmore Ladies Aid Society was formed with the purpose to secure the land and to build a community church. It was decided that they would serve a cafeteria style Thanksgiving dinner as their first fund raiser. Plans for the dinner were put together the Thursday before Thanksgiving in November 1913. The following Monday, members asked for food and money donations from the community. Tuesday the food was collected, and Wednesday it was prepped and cooked. The meal was served in one of the member's residence, and the ladies brought tables, chairs, linens, dishes and silver from their own homes.

The first dinner raised $90.00, and in 1914 construction of the church began. Construction of the Church was completed in 1918. The Ladies Aid continued to hold their annual Thanksgiving dinners until the building was completely paid for. Additions to the building were also funded and paid for by the proceeds of the annual dinners.

Services are still being held at the Wetmore Community Church. Sunday School begins at 9:00 am, followed by church service at 10:00 am.