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New Hope Church and Cemetery Wetmore, CO

New Hope Church and Cemetery, Wetmore, CO-2010
New Hope Church

It stands upon an emmenence
This friendly church with open door,
And truly welcomes all who come.
Oftimes a sad and lonely one
Finds strength to sin no more.
It's bell rings out tis true, tis true,
That Jesus bore the strifes for you.
Atone, come home.
And as within it's sacred walls,
I bring my burdens to His feet.
I seem to lose all earthy cares,
I find a peace that is very sweet.
I seem to hear the angels sing,
Tis true, tis true, that Jesus bore
The strifes for you.
Atone, come home.

Written by Ethel May Heath Verrier Fast
(born February 20, 1878)
unedited by WHG&HS